What is Marketing Strategy Canvas?

It is a free tool for collaborative creation, brainstorming and marketing planning. It is a printable canvas that sets in a logical structure, the main elements of a marketing plan. The Marketing Canvas Strategy simplifies the elaboration of strategies, reduces the need to produce and read long documents and also facilitates communication between the involved ones.

How shoud I use it?

Download the original file, in PDF format. Print it in the size of your preference (A4, A3, A2 or A1).  Put it on the wall. Using Post-Its, start filling it with the main topic of your marketing strategy. Feel free to start in any quadrant.

It’s free!

It’s absolutely free. Just download and use it.

Can the Marketing Strategy Canvas replace the marketing plan?

No. The Marketing Strategy Canvas provides a holistic vision of the strategy, allowing users to harmonize the elements of the analyses. This can be very important in the begining of a marketing planning process and also in the monitoring of the execution. However, probabily you will feell the necessity of validation for some assumptions made in the strategy development process, through research ou even detailing some topics.


Down below is an example of use, produced by Aline Rezende::

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